About Buying Partners Inc

Buying Partners Inc (BPI) was established in 2017 to change the way private and vacation homes, boats, recreational vehicles and private aircraft can be bought and sold, through its subsidiaries.
Partners Real Estate Brokerage Inc. (PREB) provides rebates for home buyers' when the buyer becomes a member of our Partners Rewards Program and uses a buyers' agent in our network. The rebate can be over $100,000 depending on the price of the home.
VacationPropertyPartners.com (VPP) is revolutionizing the way vacation homes are purchased by connecting like 2 minded individuals or families to buy a vacation home as a partnership, at half the cost and half the expense, but with all of the enjoyment and use that each would want. Imagine a dating service for matchinlg two people to purchase a vacation home.
We also help vacation home owners get cash out of their homes and reduce their expenses by connecting with a like minded equity partner.
BPI will be expanding its sharing concepts into boats, recreational vehicles, private planes and other areas where the sharing/ partnership concept can play a role in reducing the cost of having fun.
We’ll soon be launching our innovative Captive Insurance programs to protect your “Partnered Investment” and Equity.
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Buying Partners Inc Founders

ed-kushins co founder vacation property partners child.jpg
Ed Kushins
Founder & CEO

Ed was a US Navy Submarine Officer and successful entrepreneur including Founder and former CEO of HomeExchange.com, the pioneering company of the sharing economy.

Soon after selling HomeExchange in 2017, Ed saw the opportunity for blending owning and sharing to allow millions of families to realize their dream of owning a vacation home, which became the vision for Vacation Property Partners. He’s looking forward to creating another community based on trust and an easy to use website that really changes people’s lives for the better.

Ed is an active member of Rotary International and a longtime supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project. When he’s not roaming the globe with his wife, Terry, he remains active by hiking, swimming and golfing. They live in Hermosa Beach, California